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Self-Worth, Respect for Others, Love for Learning

All haumāna of Hakipu'u Academy will seek opportunities, activities, and/or conversations to increase individual self-worth, respect for others, and instill/inspire/increase a love for learning


Cultural Relevance Rooted in Hawai'i, Connected to a Global Perspective

Every Hakipu'u Academy student will be immersed each day in learning opportunities intentionally designed to develop cultural relevance (Hawaiian) within traditions, values, place-based, and the arts - rooted in Hawai'i with connections made globally.


Hands-on Learning Experiences that Engage the Human Senses

Every Hakipu'u student will consistently experience classroom work, activities, and projects that are tactile by nature that engages multiple human senses, followed by meaningful reflection and relevant exhibition.


Excellence in Communication


Every Hakipu'u Academy student will be provided regular and multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning through multiple lenses of exhibition/communication - verbal, written, visual, public speaking, and/or the use of multiple forms of technology if needed.

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